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With 9flix, you will not only can binge watch your favourite films in HD for free, you can also explore our regularly updated movies library of over 25000 different titles. Here on the website, you can find a wide range of movies and shows from comedy to psychology and romance,… We encourage you to give us feedback and request so we can give you the best streaming experience ever.

What Is 9flix?
Since 9flix.cc is a newly created website, we have all the up-to-date movies and features such as no ads, no registration, high customer security,… compared to other old websites. Moreover, since our users are all over the world, our sub team is here to subtitle every single movies uploaded on the website regularly. We also make sure you are safe from scammers and hackers by banning ads as well as pop-ups and such. This would give you the most seamless watching experience ever.

Is 9flix or 123Movies the best site to stream movies and series?
It is undeniable that 123Movies was established long before 9flix.cc, around 2015-2016. However in 2018, it was shut down because of some security reasons and still not announced to come back since then. Despite that, now, there are many clone sites exist on the Internet, taking advantages of the popularity of 123Movies to earn money. Most of them contain a lot of risks as they have many ads and pop-ups or different sophisticated ways to steal your personal information when you surf on them. Therefore, 9flix.cc was created to save you from those hard work every movie night. Learning from 123Movies, we are now more secured and constantly improving our services so we can grow more and more throughout the years. 

Is it illegal to use 9flix.cc?
A website is only legal in your area when you can get access to them without using extra apps or extensions. This is also applicable to 9flix. According to Copyright Attorney, it is only illegal to download and share pirated files online, not watching free movies online. Therefore, we advise you to follow this, otherwise, you can use a reliable VPN to stay anonymous if you want to download anything on the internet.

Is 9flix safe?
9flix.cc is safe because our ads are mostly banned or at least strictly and manually controlled. We also don’t allow pop-ups or invitations to register or download any extra things when using our service. Although we keep updating our site’s protection daily, you are more than welcome to tell us any concerns or your streaming experience so we can improve our service. 
Nowadays, genuine websites like 9flix.cc will count privacy as one of their most important features as they care about their customer experience. However, there are also countless scamming websites created every day. Therefore, you should update cyber security news regularly to protect yourself online in addition to our protection.
These are some of the best features 9flix.cc developed that have brought us our current popularity. You can use this checklist to judge whether the website you are on is the official 9flix.cc or not.
- Various movies quality to suit to your device
- At least 1 subtitles and translation
- Great customer service
- Private and secured streaming site
- Movies are from high-quality and world-renowned sources
- Daily movies and features update
- Huge number of movies and TV shows
- No ads, no registration, no extra downloads and no cost when watching our movies
- Mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported
- Friendly and easy-to-navigate UX/UI

Netflix good movies to watch
Closer is a gentle and talky character piece about four very lonely people falling in and out of love with each other, and continuously searching for moments of truth in their litany of falsehoods, directed by the legendary Mike Nichols with a story by original playwright Patrick Marber. Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, and Clive Owen make for a remarkable ensemble as the lovers, exes, and enemies in question, each as radiant as their characters are repulsive, fully capable of tackling Marber's dialogue-driven demands and translating its moments of melodramatic flourish into believable and searing vulnerability.

Tick, tick... Boom!
Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton and In the Heights, will direct the long-awaited cinematic adaptation of RENT author Johnathan Larson's Tick, Tick... Boom! The end result is a fantastic film musical that is as much a love letter to theater as it is to Larson and his tragic story of short-lived talent. That's perhaps why Miranda is such an excellent match for the subject in his directorial debut, and not simply because of his several award-winning musical. Tick, Tick... Boom! impacted and inspired Hamilton as a creator, and he even starred in a rendition of the show several years ago. Andrew Garfield as Larson himself is equally at ease, displaying a fantastic singing voice and yet another amazing performance that will bring you up.

Few filmmakers have arrived on the scene as completely developed as Steven Spielberg. With his third feature film, Spielberg gave us the masterwork that is Jaws at the age of 29. When compared to the work of any other filmmaker in cinema history, the filmmaking prowess and storytelling genius on exhibit at least competes with the greatest of the best. This simple story about a shark ravaging a little beach town during the summer not only started the "Summer Movie Season," but it also made legions of moviegoers afraid to swim. This all-timer is exactly as effective today as it was in 1975, making it a fantastic watch at any time.

How to train your dragon 2
The 2014 sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2 has Hiccup reuniting with his long-lost mother (Cate Blanchett) and confronting a lunatic (Djimon Hounsou) who wants to take over the world, five years after the events of the first film. In this beautiful dedication to friendship and family, compassion and empathy are important themes.

Miss Americana
Miss Americana, a Taylor Swift Netflix documentary, is probably not what you're expecting. Yes, the film follows Swift's career path, but it's really more of a story about an icon who learns her own identity in the public eye, and goes through a bit of a transformation as we see Swift's feminist awakening. It's a very personal experience, and by the end, you could have a new perspective on Swift.

What movies to watch on Hulu?
Abbott Elementary
It's nothing short of genius to use crazy comedy to bring attention to the absurd reality of underfunded schools in America's inner cities. Janine Teagues (Quinta Brunson), Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams), Jacob Hill (Chris Perfetti), Melissa Schemmenti (Lisa Ann Walter), Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph), and Ava Coleman (Janelle James) are the determined educators of Abbott Elementary, tasked with teaching too many kids with insufficient resources. Let a 12-year-old to teach history? It won't be a problem; they'll just tape some fresh pages in. Are your kids slipping behind in math? To use visual learning, they'll steal potatoes from the lunchroom. Everything except the myth that all underfunded schools have teachers half as good, talented, or enthusiastic as Abbott Elementary.

Godfather of Harlem
Godfather of Harlem shines a focus on one of Manhattan's most interesting neighborhoods, legendary criminals, and fascinating time periods, which is often neglected for the many midtown stories and people. Bumpy Johnson (Forest Whitaker) was a hero to his fellow black Harlem residents throughout the 1960s. You may remember him as an old man burning people alive in the first few moments of Denzel Washington's 2007 film American Gangster, but he was a hero to his fellow black Harlem residents throughout the 1960s. Bumpy tried to reclaim control of Harlem back from the clutches of mobsters and white politicians when he returned home from prison to a once wonderful, now drug/crime-ridden area. Godfather of Harlem delves into the never-before-seen history of New York City's uptown, detailing how a Black mobster, Malcolm X (Nigel Thatch), and some of the most famous celebrities of the period wheeled and dealt to create a world of drama tailor-made for television.

Impeachment: American Crime Story (2021)
Following the O.J. Simpson trial and the murder of Gianni Versace, ACS producers realized they'd have their job cut out for them in finding a true-life crime narrative with enough drama to match the first two seasons' drama. They've not only matched it, but they've surpassed it. The film Impeachment: American Crime Story delves deep into the Clinton sex scandal. The portrayals of Hillary Clinton by Edie Falco of the Sopranos and Monica Lewinsky by Beanie Feldstein of Lady Bird steal the show once again, bolstered by a stellar cast. While one strives to maintain a calm public image in the midst of personal and political turmoil, the other tries to avoid her newfound popularity and merciless media scrutiny. It's a case that captivated the globe, nearly toppled a president, and continues to shape American politics today.

Y: The last man
Y: The Last Man is based on Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's breakout comic of the same name, which depicts a world after an inexplicable calamity has wiped out every male on the planet, throwing civilization into disarray. Almost every man, to be precise. Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer) is the only Y chromosome survivor. Yorick, far from ready to be humanity's savior, must forge his own path as the ladies in charge attempt to do the same for the world around them. The Last Man is half drama, part History Channel documentary in terms of social, political, and logistical interest. When men are removed from the equation, gender discrepancies in many fields are studied and then increased.

Only murders in the building
Following a murder in a posh Manhattan apartment building, three true-crime obsessed residents, Oliver Putnam (Martin Short), a struggling theater director, Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin), a washed-up actor, and Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez), a young woman living in an unfinished apartment under mysterious circumstances, team up to solve the case and figure out who the killer is. This wonderfully acted, beautifully written, and laugh-out-loud comic mystery features a surprisingly competent Gomez as she keeps up with two comedic veterans delivering their greatest performances in decades. This single-location murder search freshens up old clichés from films like The 39 Steps, Rear Window, and Murder On The Orient Express to produce one of Hulu's best original creations to date, poking fun at the recent increase in true crime's popularity, particularly in the area of podcasts.

Some good movies to watch on 9flix 
Cyrano de Bergerac (Peter Dinklage), a man ahead of his time, dazzles with furious wordplay in a verbal joust or superb swordplay in a battle. But, certain that his appearance disqualifies him from the affection of a dedicated friend, the radiant Roxanne (Haley Bennett), Cyrano has yet to express his feelings for her — and Roxanne has fallen in love with Christian at first sight (Kelvin Harrison Jr.).

The lost daughter
When a woman's obsession with a young mother drives her to confront her previous secrets, her beach vacation takes a deadly turn.

Nightmare Alley
When charismatic but down-on-his-luck Stanton Carlisle (Bradley Cooper) makes an impression on clairvoyant Zeena (Toni Collette) and her has-been mentalist husband Pete (David Strathairn) at a traveling carnival, he creates a golden ticket to success, using his newly acquired knowledge to defraud the wealthy elite of 1940s New York society. Stanton prepares to deceive a deadly businessman (Richard Jenkins) with the help of a strange doctor (Cate Blanchett), who may be his most formidable opponent yet, with the virtuous Molly (Rooney Mara) by his side.

Spider-man: No Way Home
Our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked for the first time in Spider-cinematic Man's history, and he can no longer distinguish between his daily life and the high-stakes of being a Super Hero. When he seeks Doctor Strange's assistance, the stakes rise even higher, forcing him to realize what it actually means to be Spider-Man.

The Hand of God 
The narrative of a little kid, Fabietto Schisa, amid the turbulent Naples of the 1980s, is told by Academy Award-winning writer and filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino (Il Divo, The Great Beauty, The Young Pope). The Hand of God is a story filled with both unexpected delights and tragedies, such as the entrance of football legend Diego Maradona. Fabietto's future is set in motion as fate plays its part, joy and sorrow mingle.

Good movies to watch on Halloween
The black phone
Finney Shaw, a quiet but bright 13-year-old boy, is kidnapped and imprisoned in a soundproof cellar, where shouting is useless. Finney realizes that he can hear the voices of the killer's prior victims when a disconnected phone on the wall begins to ring. And they're dead set on preventing Finney from suffering the same fate as them.

At a distant convent, a nun's strange behavior ignites tales of demonic possession. When a priest-in-training and his disillusioned mentor are dispatched to investigate, their techniques backfire, leaving fear and agony in their wake.

The Feast
A wealthy family hosts a dinner party at their opulent mansion in the Welsh mountains, inviting a local businessman and a neighboring farmer to arrange a contract to mine the surrounding countryside. When a mysterious young woman arrives to work as the family's waitress for the evening, her quiet yet frightening presence begins to unravel their lives — slowly, purposefully, and with the most terrifying of repercussions.

The Beta Test 
A married Hollywood agent is drawn into a deadly world of deception, murder, and infidelity after receiving a mystery letter for an anonymous sexual rendezvous.

After discovering a weird VHS tape, a ruthless police swat squad conducts a high-intensity raid on a distant warehouse, only to find a dangerous cult complex with a library of pre-recorded material that reveals a terrifying plot.

Good movies to watch on Christmas
Father Christmas Is back
Father Christmas Is Back tells the story of four sisters who are feuding until their long-lost father returns to the family's "fancy English mansion" for Christmas. Elizabeth Hurley, Kelsey Grammer, and John Cleese are among the cast members.

8-Bit Christmas
8-Bit Christmas is based on Kevin Jakubowski's novel of the same name, and it tells the story of a 10-year-old boy (Winslow Fegley) in the 1980s who embarks on a quest to obtain the best Christmas present of the year: a new video game system. The cast includes Neil Patrick Harris, June Diane Raphael, and Steve Zahn.

Love hard
The romantic comedy Love Hard is about a woman who goes across the country for Christmas to visit a guy she met online. However, when she arrives, she discovers that she has been heavily catfished. She's furious...until the imposter offers to match her up with the real guy whose images he was using if she first pretends to be his girlfriend. Harry Shum Jr., Nina Dobrev, Darren Barnet, Jimmy O. Yang, and Nina Dobrev star.

Single all the way
Single All the Way is a classic rom-com in which characters pretend to be in a relationship. When a man named Peter (Michael Urie) returns home for the holidays, he convinces his friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to pretend they're in a relationship so that his family won't bug him about being unmarried.

A boy called Christmas
A Boy Called Christmas, based on Matt Haig's children's novel of the same name, explains the origin tale of Santa Claus through an adventure he had as a little boy. Henry Lawfull, Maggie Smith, Kristen Wiig, Michiel Huisman, and Sally Hawkins star in the film.

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