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To Love-Ru is a manga series that was written by Saki Hasemi and drawn by Kentaro Yabuki, who also made Black Cat. Between April 24, 2006, and August 31, 2009, the manga was serialized in Shueisha's manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump. Since then, 18 tankbon volumes have been released in Japan. In February 2008, a drama CD with an original story came out. Xebec made a 26-episode anime series based on the book that aired in Japan from April to September 2008. Between April 2009 and April2010, Xebec made six new episodes of video animation. Motto To-Love Ru, the second season of Xebec, with 12 episodes, aired from October to December 2010. In August2008, a video game came out for the Nintendo DS. In October2008, a game came out for the PlayStation Portable. On October4,2010, Shueisha's Jump Square magazine started publishing To Love-Ru Darkness, a continuation of the manga. In October2012, an anime TV series based on To-Love Ru Darkness and made by Xebec began airing. The title,, means "trouble" in English, and the word "rabu" means "love" in English. The title is a play on the words "love trouble," which is how the "harem" part of the series is described.
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